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Saudi Arabia remains one of the top destinations for Filipino nurses

Filipino nurses nowadays have so many countries to choose from because so many countries are simultaneously looking for Filipino nurses. We cannot deny the fact that the US remains the ultimate destination for nurses, but because of its tedious requirements and long waiting period, Filipino nurses started looking for countries with simpler and faster application processes that allowed nurses to earn more earlier. The UK and Ireland became hot countries recently due to their comparable benefits in the US but with fewer requirements. However, Middle east countries remain sought-after destinations, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is at the top of the food chain. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia remains the number 1 country of work destination among Filipino nurses and all Filipino workers. This is why some may question, "What's with Saudi Arabia, and why do Filipinos still flock here even though there are other countries available?"

Starting with its easy overseas licensing application process. Saudi Arabia became popular for nurses before since Filipinos could just go there and practice their profession using their Philippine license. Though they have changed this rule and mandated overseas nurses to get a Saudi license before they can work there, the requirements are still comparably easy. First of all, nurses don't have to take any language exams, and the licensure exam is pretty similar to the Philippine nurse licensure exam, so the possibility of failing it is very low. Also, only 1 year of local experience is required to be eligible to receive a Saudi nurse license, it's a feat since most of the neighboring countries in the Middle east require at least 2 years of experience.

Another reason why Saudi Arabia is still a popular country for nurses is because the salary is tax-free. Also, most employers offer free housing, which means the starting salary since it’s not taxed and there's no rent to pay, is the closest to your take-home pay.

Lastly, Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries and home to some of the world’s grandest and most modern hospitals; this means the working environment is on par with Western countries.

This is your chance to experience the many advantages of working in Saudi Arabia. We, at Tracker, can help you make it possible by assisting you with your overseas licensing requirements, be it with your Dataflow verification or exam application.

We also have a partner recruitment agency, Abba Personnel Services Inc., that offers several vacancies bound to KSA, and they will actually conduct employer interviews next week; visit these links if you haven't sent your application yet.

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